El Dorado in Greece: You Can’t Mine Your Way Out of Capitalism

Portugal tambem começa a ser empurrado para voltar a extração de minérios e hidrocabonetos em território “nacional”. Desde plutónio, ouro, até gás natural e petróleo.

Earth First! Newswire

By Sasha

The New York Times recently reports in a very well done video (surprise, surprise) that gold mining is the proposed solution for the financial crisis in Greece. The financial crisis is the result of a number of economic problems, not least of which being neoliberal reforms, which generally create conditions of extreme economic collapse, leading to and stemming from privatization, large public debt, and deregulation of markets.

As with Spain, following structural adjustments, a socialist government took power and blame for many of the problems of capitalist reform, and went on to make matters worse—not least of all, through vicious repression of immigrants and political dissidents. So how is the Greek government planning to pick itself up out of crisis? Not unlike the famous historical character who tried to pick himself up out of the swamp by pulling his hair, Greece is trying to pull itself up by…

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