Time is Short: Reports, Reflections & Analysis on Underground Resistance

Earth First! Newswire

Cross Posted fromDeep Green ResistanceImage by Paul Nicklen / National Geographic

The modern environmental movement began some 40 years ago, and by virtually every metric, the state of the planet has spiraled horrifically into catastrophe since then.

The death machine of industrial civilization speeds ever apace, accelerating daily as it dismantles the living systems of earth. If it is to be stopped, we cannot afford any qualms about using any and all means available to halt it in its bloody tracks. Time is short, and militant,  is required if we are to decisively stop the powerful from exploiting the marginalized and destroying the planet. Attacks on the physical infrastructure of this corrupt arrangement of power—the oil, electric, and industrial infrastructure that prop it up and keep it functioning—are the surest route to a livable, desirable future.

But such serious and determined resistance doesn’t appear in a vacuum; it grows from an uncompromising…

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