Extreme Energy Summit plans strategy session on tackling extraction industries

Earth First! Newswire

The first Extreme Energy Summit is on the horizon, Feb. 7-10. 2013 in the beautiful Catksill Mountains of New York. All you non-stop action junkies don’t get too excited, it’s not a conference on discussing hyper-caffeinated products that keep you rigging treesits until sunrise. Its’s a strategy session for building cross-movement solidarity.

Below you will find a link to the registration form. Those interested in attending should fill it in and return it soon.   

Why an Extreme Energy Summit?  

Here’s a message from the summit organizers: “We believe that the systemic changes necessary to win each of our struggles can only be won by a unified national anti-extraction movement. We believe that one struggle’s gains will be another’s losses if we do not support each other and change the fundamental terms of the debate on our energy and economic future. We believe we are running out of time.

“To this end, we are…

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